Maps - Meteor Version 1.5 Update here the brach i have uploaded to github please check it out.

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@spartano @pawel @ydaniel98 this sounds exciting. what do you think?

I am on it tonight.

@mh.kaya Thank you so much for you’re work. Hope to chat to you when you have some time.


@mh.kaya what are the changes that you did, besides upgrading the packages? how did you fix the event bug?

i have added custom javascript and css files to client helper and stylesheets. and fixed newEvent.html briefly. l have uploaded it to below branch.
there is still problem to ad this values to collection. may all developers check it out and approve its working properly.

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does this mean your updated map is not ready to be used until this is resolved?

i am indescribably desperate to launch this map, today if possible (as we are more than a month behind schedule). your updates to React are a valuable step forwards in the big picture, but i do not want to push them to the live map until it is complete and ready for users to begin adding resources to

if there are still issue to be resolved, would the drop down time selector you added work on the current live map? if that is the case, can you make a pull request with the time selector fix and i’ll add it to the live map. Then we can work on fixing the ‘add values to collection’ issue on the 1.5 fork until it is 100% user ready

well this means not approved to live so dont put live at the moment. İ have solved the problem that time picker show and selecting values. this was first step of problem.

At the moment we have now insert selected values to collection .Below problem solved then its ready to put live. it will work and reactive project afther this problem.

i am reading : for solution.

newEvent.js?hash=50d8e5e…:21 Error: Forever is required
at getErrorObject (http://localhost:3000/packages/aldeed_collection2-core.js?hash=cd76f0a8f289f873c33e0896e9a86201e64a47d1:489:15)
at ns.Collection.doValidate (http://localhost:3000/packages/aldeed_collection2-core.js?hash=cd76f0a8f289f873c33e0896e9a86201e64a47d1:471:13)
at ns.Collection.Mongo.Collection.(anonymous function) [as insert] (http://localhost:3000/packages/aldeed_collection2-core.js?hash=cd76f0a8f289f873c33e0896e9a86201e64a47d1:223:25)
at ns.Collection. (http://localhost:3000/packages/matb33_collection-hooks.js?hash=d44fd0eb02806747e1bb0bdc3938463e415c63ec:402:19)
at ns.Collection.collection.(anonymous function) [as insert] (http://localhost:3000/packages/matb33_collection-hooks.js?hash=d44fd0eb02806747e1bb0bdc3938463e415c63ec:155:21)
at http://localhost:3000/packages/aldeed_autoform.js?hash=62240ad3bd09e4bcabcb996180d4d6ec136db9a9:3091:20
at runHook (http://localhost:3000/packages/aldeed_autoform.js?hash=62240ad3bd09e4bcabcb996180d4d6ec136db9a9:7736:11)
at Object.runBeforeHooks (http://localhost:3000/packages/aldeed_autoform.js?hash=62240ad3bd09e4bcabcb996180d4d6ec136db9a9:7766:7)
at Object.onSubmit (http://localhost:3000/packages/aldeed_autoform.js?hash=62240ad3bd09e4bcabcb996180d4d6ec136db9a9:3087:10)
at Object.autoFormSubmitHandler (http://localhost:3000/packages/aldeed_autoform.js?hash=62240ad3bd09e4bcabcb996180d4d6ec136db9a9:7842:18)

well i have used materializedcss time and date picker at newEvents.html .js files also added css and js files to clients then i have succed to see these componentent and they are working properly. at the moment we must focus on to add selected values to mongodb so providing persistence of data. may you download codes locally and also look for lolution to providing persistence of data.

By the way i have uploaded updated packages. at gitignore file removed .local meteor so that andy cant run 1.5 version.

when this is complete will the map be user ready? what is the estimated completion date?

i cant update fl-maps here wat i get as error?

@mh.kaya it looks like the online map has some updates since you downloaded the source code, and that is why it is rejecting it. what do you think @spartano @Parth @ydaniel98

i think its about security

@mh.kaya you need to do git fetch upstream before pushing the changes to you’re origin remote repository.

i have a pull request may you check out it

the map appears to be working great, except for the time picker bug

may you run meteor update comment

the link is not working

what do you mean?

since time is essential, i had to revert everithing back before the bug. I am soory for all the work you have done.

The good news is that you can work on it from now on witout problems. So jsut do a fetch of the upstream and implement everithing back if you wish.

Thank you for you’re time.

@mh.kaya @ydaniel98 this means you guys will have to re-implement your changes since this change:

we now have a working, usable map again at last. thank you @spartano