Week 4 Discussion: Science of Well-being by Yale Uni

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General Thoughts

Key Take-Aways


General Thoughts

Not a lot of money to invest in experiences, but I’m gonna hire a paddle board and take the dog paddle boarding next week so that should count short term. Long term I need to get some income before making plans to invest in an experience. I think it’ll be parasending lessons that I’ll aim towards and then taking friends in tandem flights :slightly_smiling_face::sunglasses: @KatiaEstrela you want to come??

I was surprised the pre-purchase happiness estimate for experiential purchases was inaccurate by such a wide amount.

Spending time thinking of past happy memories wasn’t a rewirements task, but it sounded like it had a big impact on people so it probably should have been. I’m gonna give that one a try. I do fairly often do this casually, but not daily. Negative visualisations as a positive tool is totally new to me. Thinking what if this hadn’t happened and I never had something in my life, as a technique to bump your gratitude up.

It was super surprising that one session of gratitude impacts your happiness levels significantly for 3 months. I would love to know what was involved in that session which had such a long lasting effect.

I didn’t agree that commercial breaks higher my enjoyment of a TV show. Most people don’t seem to mind advertising but I feel anger when advertising is forced into my personal space uninvited. The concept itself of forcing breaks in things I enjoy to heighten that enjoyment was interesting. I’ll have a think how to implement that… maybe I won’t drink alcohol tomorrow :yum::joy::joy:

Key Take-Aways

I’m gonna try spending time thinking of past happy memories for 8mins a day. Every shower and when walking the dog. I’ll report back :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve tried a few times to put grey scale on my phone to reduce its addictive appeal, but it’s always fiddly on a Xiaomi Android. Me and @KatiaEstrela are going to do it together tomorrow. Should help me sleep :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

30mins exercise: I started going to the gym on the beach twice a week with my flatmate. On weekends in going hiking with friends every week, and I walk my dog twice a day and often we run together. So I think I need to upgrade about 2 or 3 days a week to really consider it 30mins exercise. As I’m already walking the dog I think I’ll start bringing my skipping rope twice a week so I can skip while he plays fetch with people he’s made friends with.

Sleep: I get 7-8 hrs in bed most days. Not so much sleep though as prob 3-4 nights a week I stay up too late then get woken by my flatmates when they use the kitchen early in the mornings. So I need to focus this week on getting my butt into bed by midnight. Related to that is using devices late at night as I believe that is the cause of not being able to get to bed. I’m gonna start audio books for an hour before sleep 5-7 days a week :slightly_smiling_face:

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General ThoughtsI more or less agree with this lesson, about material stuff and experience situations having different weight for our happieness for example, if we do experiences with Friends from time to time or do some trips, we are happy at that time and afterwards when we think about them… but buying stuff we rarelly get there some happy feelings about it afterwards again.

Key Take-Awayscuriosity about the 8minutes of thinking about my positive/happy memories everyday and the way how to think about the experiences (when we are in a specific period in life and if it’s starting or ending).

Rewirementsstarting to make some exercise with crazy Andy :stuck_out_tongue: , about the sleep I don’t need to change my habits since I’m already very strict to myself with that. :wink: