Rewirements mutual support group

Rewirement tasks are something we are trying to add to our daily/weekly routine so we do them throughout the course until they are embedded as new habits.

Post here when you complete a rewirement task which is a new habit you are trying to form, so others can support your journey.

Here’s a reminder of them all.

Week 1:

  • Testing our happiness. We can all take the test at week 5 and week 10 to see if the course is improving our happiness levels.

Week 2:

  • Take time to fully experience a moment in your day. It can be something big and enjoyable, or as simple as really enjoying a simple breath of fresh air
  • Gratitude: 5 things you are grateful for each day

Week 3:

  • Choose a kind act outside your usual routine that you can do for someone every day
  • Talk to someone new. You don’t have to swap numbers and become friends unless you want. Just have a conversation

Week 4:

  • Get 7hrs of sleep 5 times a week. Turn off devises at least an hour before bed
  • 30mins exercise/day
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It’s 12:15 and I’m getting my butt into bed, breaking a 3 day streak of not going to bed till 3am. Yay me :slightly_smiling_face::joy: