Week 5 Discussion: The Science of Well-Being

General thoughts:

Character strengths test Not sure if I missed this earlier but I’ll take this test after the lectures. I like that there is an actionable task here to jump into:

  • find new ways to use your signature strengths every day for one month

I’m going to try and adapt my daily work process to use prominently 4 of the signature strengths identified in the test above as it seems logical that it’ll increase focus and motivation on that work, which is the main thing I identified that I wanted to take from this course.

Leisure and work happiness is interesting as I battle with myself to choose engaging leisure activities and generally succeed happily for a few weeks, then slip back into using unrewarding activities which I am acutely aware are not making me happier. I’ve been building habit stacks around ordinary tasks in my day as suggested in the Atomic Habits book. While I find them easy to build, I also find them far too easy to lose.

It’s very interesting that doing a bunch of acts of kindness on one day had a much larger effect than doing the same amount over a few days. I guess it must be a big hit which shifts our standard internal patterns. I think we could incorporate that into our movement in some way, especially the training courses

Key takeaways


I always manage to fit in meditation on my dog walks, but I wouldn’t mind changing things up a bit by beginning a guided meditation course in the mornings