Template Advert for Stage 1

Here’s the current advert we’re putting out for attracting skilled members in to found the teams and their culture in Stage 1 of the re-launch. This one is for this team HR and Recruitment, the job role and skills will changed to match each team.

Here’s the main document with formatting: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BMC46JjixM_5V9GL0uSvBOKEtrTqiIV9OSXwIBwml5w/edit?usp=sharing

Director – Recruitment and Human Resources

Who We’re Looking For:

Someone who thinks that both of these statements sound like a fantastic deal

If our blockchain backed alternate economic system succeeds;
You will bring a massive amount more peace and well-being into the world, positively transforming countless lives and communities across the planet, and also make a ton of money.

If it doesn’t;
You will bring a lot more peace and well-being into the world, positively transforming lives and communities across the planet.

Everyone involved in our community has agreed to this statement. We all succeed, or we don’t, together, and have a lot of fun bringing good into this world on the way.

Role Purpose:

Working fluidly with 9 others in the HR and Recruitment team during phase 1, and alongside existing senior community members and other teams. Designing and implementing an overall strategic plan for community growth on our journey from a small structured leadership team of experts, to a reputation weighted decentralised governance system in which members seniority and role is based on their past and current contributions to the community and our shared mission.

Key Responsibilities in the HR and Recruitment Team:

  • Defining your desired role with the HR and Recruitment Team to ensure all the following points are covered
  • Managing advertising and the onboarding process to build the teams of experts needed to launch The Public Happiness Movement and Token
  • Identifying and advertising for the characteristics and professional skills required to turn each team into a power-house driving our shared vision forwards
  • Together with the data-analytics team monitoring the velocity, capacity and culture of each team, recruiting where needed to maintain efficient and effective progress towards our community’s goals
  • Control of the people / human resource function
  • Formulating personnel systems and strategies appropriate to the communities mission and goals
  • Building internal Documentation of the best practices for the HR and Recruitment team to allow others to continue and build on your work as needed
  • Ensuring compliance with employment law

What we are looking for?

A positive, smiley and motivated soul with:

  • HR experience – ideally at Director/Head of level (regardless of the size of the organisation)
  • Great people skills
  • Jedi-like powers for recruiting and selecting people
  • Experience for planning and facilitating training and onboarding programmes
  • Passion for people, causes and the planet
  • The ability to self-direct your skills and experience to maximise their ability to help the team reach goals and achieve strategic objectives, and/or the flexibility to identify where your skills are most urgently needed to support others and reach your teams shared goals

If you have the right attitude there is always a place for you
Not to worry if you are missing a few of those. If you are motivated to learn and create change we would still love to hear from you! Contact us to ask about roles at different levels, using our community to achieve real-world change while you learn, or to chat about how else you could help grow this ambitious effort to redesign the foundations of society, locally and globally.

What’s in it for you?

  • Working to build a real change - Most charities and non-profits do fabulous and important work, but they rarely claim to be able to actually solve the issue they work on. This is because most societal issues are perpetuated by systemic flaws in the foundations of our societies themselves. With us you can support all of those humanitarian issues, whilst also endeavouring to fix the flaws creating those issues, once and for all
  • A warm fuzzy feeling - It feels groovy to make this world of ours a kinder, happier and safer place to live in
  • Pimping your social life - Our community is built around encouraging people to gather for a social purpose in the real world. You’ll meet the most interesting, kind-hearted and awesome people through your efforts with us
  • Career opportunities – Sometimes the best way to secure the right job is to prove you can actually do the job – with us you can begin doing the job now and all your efforts are visible to future employers who i’m sure will be impressed at the projects you’ve supported and grown
  • Something to discuss at dinner parties – If you’ve read this far you are probably already a fabulously interesting person – but who wouldn’t want to go up a few more interest levels? Why not engage your guests with the creative idea to help stray animals around the world, or people who are homeless near you, or the funky street dance party which wouldn’t have happened without you
  • Opportunities – Meet new people, travel with us to visit our various members of The Public Happiness Movement across the world, and do things you thought you would never do! Perhaps even join us for a course, project build, or party at our Public Happiness Center in Portugal.

About Us

The Public Happiness Movement is an open, encouraging and supportive community for people who want to explore together creative and fun ways to make our societies more connected, focusing on taking action on the issues you care about and building a world with more peace and well-being.

Started in 2012 as Focallocal - a global volunteering community whose activities have positively impacted millions of lives around the world, today we are transitioning to The Public Happiness Movement, an effort to redesign the foundations of society to enable a massive increase in people and groups taking positive action where they live to improve life and well-being for others, and build healthier and happier societies.

More Reading:

Everyone in the community needs to read and agree to abide by our Community Values:

If you want to dive right into the deep end you can browse and contribute to the overall plan right now on our Token Whitepaper: https://publichappinessmovement.com/docuss/wp_intro