Migrate mLab to MongoDB Atlas before December 8, 2020

the deadline to migrate your mLab deployment(s) to MongoDB Atlas is December 8, 2020 . However, we encourage you to migrate as soon as possible. With MongoDB Atlas, you’ll be able to take advantage of the latest MongoDB versions, auto-scaling, full-text search, support for compliance standards (e.g., SOC2, HIPAA), and much more.

Failure to take action will result in the loss of your data.

Send @AndyatFocallocal a DM for the login details

@tmcnulty are you able to tackle this task?

Hey Andy,

I was only able to find this mention. Could you update this thread with the contact you’d mentioned in our offline conversations?

There are currently two small deployments in the mLab instance.

If I remember correctly their connect strings are defined within the applications build process in the encrypted configuration file. I’ve just read over the SOPS changes that we use to manage this file. I’m quite pleased with those changes, it’s certainly a much stronger portion of the process now.

I took a look at the plan options available to us in the new platform, mongoDB “Atlas.” They have a comparable plan to the free sandbox one, but it lacks backups.

We could go through the migration process, the documentation I have is what was included in the notification Andy and I received.


There’s a lot written in there but basically you move the data over and point at a new endpoint. Part of me feels that because of this fact it may do well to simply stand up a mongo container on some of the instances we already use and fill our data in that, but it means we’d be responsible for the consistency and availability, as well as the backups; which are a nice thing to not have to manage.

Depending on how much of the migration process relies on the new service creation in Atlas, it may be best to simply populate that and set up some bare minimum backups to dump every now and again.

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Thank you Tom :slightly_smiling_face:
@dhruvmk Tom replied here as this is the task specifically related to the database move. Can you guys chat about the migration here, Tom had the access you need to mLab.

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Hi Tom,

When you say “stand up a new mongo container”, do you mean that we should use some sort of container service like Docker: https://hub.docker.com/_/mongo? If yes, then I think that is a pretty good idea if MongoDB Atlas doesn’t seem suitable.

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Yes I was referring to a docker container. We already run discourse in one.

If you give me you email I can set you up an mLab account.

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Alright, thank you. Here is my email: [email protected]

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Sorry I didn’t get back to you. I logged in last week to read through the migration steps and prep accounts, and thought twice about setting you up an admin mlab account for interacting with the migration. I have however invited you to create a user in the new organization on cloud.mongodb.com. I can see when you log in there and take a look.

MongoDB Enterprise atlas-q0bshi-shard-0:PRIMARY> show collections

I set up clusters in Atlas and tested the migration. Things look good and once the deployment files are updated we can take a look at completing the migration tonight.


I’ve just kicked off the migration process. The tool is going to mark some things in the mlab instances as read only so we might have portions of functionality fail.

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Is that a short term fail, or something we’ll need to repair?

Deployment of the updated db endpoints complete.

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That is great news @tmcnulty. Could you grant me access to Project 0? I have accepted your invitation to Atlas. Thanks.

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@AndyatFocallocal since Tom might not have read my message, would it be possible for you to grant me access?

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I don’t think I have it yet. Let me check in haven’t missed them, and also contact Tom on Slack

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