Call to action discussion/suggestions

We need a few one sentence calls to action we can share to grab peoples attention and explain to them what we are doing and why. Post your ideas here.

Hande: Happiness is Infectious too. Leave happy notes to visible spots, make people smile :slight_smile: Don’t forget to post them with the hashtagts to contribute happiness going viral :space_invader:

Covid Community Positivity Support Challenge.
Join a global initiative reaching out to your neighbours with a little positive lift. Take chalks, posters, and post it notes to fill your neighbourhood with kind and inspiring message letting anyone going through tough times know that you care. Then photograph it and use the #inspiremyneighbourhood tag to encourage more people to join in

…maybe it needs to be more snappy??

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I think it’s pretty good as it is I reckon, so just do it, bring enough materials (covid-safe) for strangers to do it, if people stop and ask you what you are doing you can invite them to join and spread it around :thinking:

Are these along the lines that you’re thinking?

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The cheer-up challenge?

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  • Optimistic graffiti

  • Post-it and chalks for a brighter tomorrow

  • Cheerful marks

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That’s really nice. Much more catchy and self explanatory than what I began with

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The Cheer-up Challenge
Lots of people need a little kindness and inspiration in their lives right now. Join this fun global initiative by covering your neighbourhood or home with kind and inspiring words for everyone to see, then hashtagging photos and vids #inspiremyneighbourhood #cheerupchallenge #publichappinessmovement. Suggested cheer-up tools: Chalks, Post its and posters.