Project Plan: GME video


The GME trading movement is totally in line with our anti-greedy capitalism and fixing the foundations of society and it is a hot topic, perfect for launching our new chat channel where @AndyatFocallocal records video chats with people doing amazing things in the happiness + peace, and blockchain worlds - and especially anything which intersects it.


To create this video I’ll reach out to the most active posters in the r/wallstreetbets sub and invite them to join a video call with me. If we can’t agree a time for everyone we can create more than one video, which will be pretty awesome. I expect this video to need very little marketing so it is perfect for our new channel.

We should strive to get the bones of the new channel up and ready to post the video in multiple avenues (youtube, podcast, etc. I suggest not Facebook or Ticktok as there are many shitty platforms but these seem to be the flagships of the shitty platform personal data selling universe).


  • This is a fast burning issue and we should aim to get the video online as soon as possible. Certainly no later than Wednesday.

  • What questions should we ask? Can we engage the wallstreetbet community in suggesting questions? alongside our own

  • Meme is central in directing the participants of GME Movement. We should aim to animate these memes at times during the video. ‘diamond hands’ ‘moon’ ‘apes’ ‘retards’ (what the community calls themselves)