Create a spreadsheet of all the top posters and commenters in r/wallstreetbets on Reddit

Estimated Time: 1.5hrs
Create Documentation: yes. Please record how you were able to discover who had received the most upvotes in that subreddit in the past month, and which tools you used.

Please create a spreadsheet and send it to @PublicHappinessAndy so he can contact them. The spreadsheet should include the 40 most upvoted posters over the last month in that sub. You should be able to find a tool for this, if not manually creating the spreadsheet from the top posts and top comments is possible but will be far slower. Try to find an automated solution. I’m looking for their total upvote scores and not just the names of the top 20 posts and top 30 comments.

If its hard to combine them you could also do a table for the top posters and the top commentors.

Please complete this task today as i want to contact them all tomorrow.

@A-Team can any of you tackle this? Feel welcome to discuss ways to achieve this below here if you aren’t sure. Maybe together you can find a solution.

I will be doing this task


How are you getting on @Telvin. I would love to begin this task tomorrow morning (UTC) so we can get this video out while everyone is still excited about this story

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