Create a list of subreddits to monitor for people looking to join altruistic projects or learn new skills

Time Estimated: 1hr
Documentation Creation: Yes, please record the list of places you found in our documentation section

Please include this in the documentation:

People regularly post in subreddits on reddit asking for altruistic projects they can join, or places where they can learn a new skill.

Our project actively helps volunteers create a professional profile of exciting projects they’ve worked on and find jobs, while being part of a fun and friendly community. A lot of members of our platform are people i’ve seen post and reached out to with a personal message.

When you’ve done that we’re going to create a repeating task to monitor those subs and DM people who post inviting them to join our community. So we will be monitioring those looking for volunteer work or somewhere to learn and build a profile

Spamming comments on these subs will get mention of our platform shadow banned quickly, which is why we should DM the individual directly with an invite.

We could make posts inviting people who are learning the skill to come and learn with us while they build projects for a world with more peace and well-being, earn crypto tokens, and have support from experienced industry professionals. I expect most will be ok with that if its on a schedule like every other month. We shouldn’t make that post for categories which don’t have active members yet as the people coming to learn will expect support.

Here’s a few i try to monitor already:

Check our categories and look for related subs. Plus any others you can think of where someone would post looking to join a community project like ours

Hey there @dopamine! I’d love to help you out on this one as well. Let me know how :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @Kai! I will send you a message. :slight_smile:

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