Check for listindex calls in the codebase

@tmcnulty has discovered that our Reactjs sites are currently down because MongoDB doesn’t allow listindex calls to our databases unless we pay far far more money, totally out of my budget tbh. So our migration from Mlab to Atlas broke the sites.

I’ve sent them an email requesting a partnership so we put a thank you to them in our footer… and create a footer :stuck_out_tongue: in exchange for them allowing listindex calls.

If that doesn’t happen we will have to migrate again, or find a way around listindex calls.

Can someone check the codebase and reply with how many listindex calls we make to our database, and then lets discuss how much work it would be to work around that limitation. Hopefully Mongo will be nice and we won’t need to do anything, but it would be good to have an idea how much work it’ll be to create a workaround, and how much work to migrate again and where to migrate to.

@dhruvmk @Telvin