Create new job subreddits

Estimated Time: 1:30hrs

Create a new subreddit we can use to help promote anyone volunteering with our platform and help them find paid work.

DM me and i’ll give you access to one of my alts on Reddit.

  1. Create a new subreddit
  2. Add as mods /u/roamingandy /u/revolutionarytrain69 and /u/ninjapenguinlips
  3. Copy the setup from /r/webdevjobs
  4. Visit the ‘getting started guide’ on the related category on our platform and add a ‘finding paid work section’ using the finding jobs section from our Web Dev or Reactjs categories.
  5. Add these all to our sub-reddit documentation list. We will find mods for them as we grow.

Create one for all of the red ‘skill’ categories and the sub-categories in our platform. title them r/ux_jobs, r/marketing_jobs, etc or modify them slightly if needed.

We will leave these idle for now and ask members joining each category to mod and grow them, so we can help everyone use their work here to gain excellent jobs if they want.