Site to Help with Recruiting Volunteers

Hey everyone!

I’ve found this site called which allows us to post job ads for volunteers. How does everyone feel about adding our organization there and posting listings?

@AndyatFocallocal Do we have an official email address for Public Happiness Movement that we can use to list our organization there? If so, let me know!



Nice find, Kai! :slight_smile:
This is a great opportunity for us to look for volunteers.

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Fabulous find @Kai . We often can’t access volunteer sites as they want us to be a registered charity… which is incredibly expensive and then sucks a lot of time away from actually just doing good stuff, so we’ve never done it.

Please do go ahead and add us there and then add it to the ‘when and where to post’ documentation.

The email i use is [email protected], but maybe we should make a new one we all have access to. I’ll do that now.

ok we have a new email called [email protected]
(i know it should be but we’ve never set that up).