Instagram Post to Formally Announce PHM

Hey everyone!

I’ve had a look through our instagram account @publichappinessmovement (follow it if you haven’t yet!) and I realized we haven’t formally announced the name changing from Focallocal to Public Happiness Movement. I decided to make some creatives to post to inform former volunteers about it. Colors used were inspired by the heart globe logo.

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

PS. Pages 1 and 3 are animated so if you’d like to view them with animations, here are the links:
Page 1:
Page 3:

@A-Team @AndyatFocallocal

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Thats a good idea. Its not quite as straight forwards as it seems though so you may need to edit the wording a bit.

Our platform is for all groups doing kind and fun work in their local community. It needed a new name so we weren’t inviting all those groups to join our group.

So Focallocal still exists, as one of the projects on the Public Happiness Movement platform.

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This website is kind of a meta-site for anyone creating fun activities and projects which engage local people in creating positive change.

Aside from that it would be great to formally announce our launch. 1st we need to get the other half of the site working again (i’ve emailed the partnerships director and MongoDB again today). I also think we should complete the redesign of our homepage as most users who arrive will not find the 1st steps to join the platform. The UX on the homepage is horrible.

We have a new design from the UX team already, and @dopamine found 3 new Reactjs devs who are interested in joining the team. Completing the homepage redesign would be a great 1st task for one of them.


Thanks for this Andy! I’ll provide you with a reworded version of the reason tomorrow for approval.

Also, yay @dopamine! :raised_hands:t3:


Awesome! Then we’ll keep it here ready to go as soon as the site is back up and the new homepage ready. A single static homepage is not a big job if the Web Devs join in :slight_smile:

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Hey, @AndyatFocallocal! Here is the reworded version of the reason for the new name. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

The movement started with Focallocal.

As time passed and the scale of our projects grew bigger and spread to different parts of the world, we realized our vision has become bigger than Focallocal.

This isn’t just about us now. This is about bringing together communities, local groups, individuals, friends and families to create positive change. This is the Public Happiness Movement.

To join the movement, we have re-launched our platform:


Oh wow, that’s so good to know! This is such a great news, I’m happy that I get to contribute to community even after being gone for a week.

Good job with the creatives, @Kai! Already followed the ig page btw. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone!

I modified the creatives a bit to incorporate some pictures from previous projects. Tell me what you think! @AndyatFocallocal @A-Team

I will be creating more posts like this and schedule their posting so that we maintain a consistent online presence. This will be posted as soon as the redesign of our homepage is completed.


That’s really great @Kai :orange_heart:

I think the last slide is missing something. What about adding two and so it is:

Social media has become ‘pay to play’ and all the kindest and coolest groups and stories are largely hidden away now as they can’t afford to advertise. We wanted to create a special place just for kindness.

To find, follow, join and do amazing things just because you want to see more peace, happiness and well-being in our world.

Come and visit:

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Will do, Andy!

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Here they are @AndyatFocallocal! These will be the last 2 pictures in the carousel post


Great work @Kai! Are these publicity materials already good for posting, @AndyatFocallocal? Figured it would be good to announce PHM first before beginning to keep our account active in posting again.