Find all art related subs on Reddit and announce the return of r/artbattle

Estimated time: 1hr

It should include a short description of the relaunch

R/ArtBattle is Relaunching!
Its relaunching as a place to practice your art and support each others artistic growth, like before, but now also as somewhere where small good causes can post something they need designed. So you can practise while while helping out good causes.

Please collect the sub-reddits you find and create a post in the documentation > social media category called ‘Related and Partner Sub Reddits’ then copy paste all the sub-reddits we run into it as titles and put related subreddits below for r/artbattle in bullet points underneath. We’ll update the others as needed.

Here’s a list to get you started:

You can also put this very useful sub underneath a title called r/Marketing_Jobs , r/HR_Jobs and r/Recruitment_Jobs, which we’ll be creating soon

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