Post in Reddit for team members to join all our skillsets and turn it into a repeating task

Estimated time: 1hr

Here is this task but only for Web Developers:

Please make similar posts on all sub reddits that you can find related to our skills categories, and lets get some energy flowing into the community!

You can either post for:

  • Team Leaders
  • Make a general post
  • Trainees

Depending on what each team currently needs.

In this instance i think its best to post for Team Leaders, so more experienced people who will support new members when they come in alongside you, and have enthusiasm to begin shaping their Teams immediately.

Please use the ‘repeating tasks’ guide to create 2 repeating tasks for this activity and add it to the backlog section of the HR and Recruitment team. One for the Brighter Tomorrow Map specifically, and one for our Public Happiness Movement community (this one will need new text for the post)