Clear out the modqueue on r/happiness

Allocated time 10-30mins

I spent about 20mins on it but it’s been left neglected for a long time. It might be nearly done… or there might be days of work there. If it takes longer than 30mins please stop and we’ll find a tech solution to blast it clear.

Please go through and remove anything which isn’t an article or activity based on science. These are very old posts so don’t spend time trying to assess if it is or isn’t. If you aren’t sure just delete them.

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Hi @AndyatFocallocal! Spent a little over 30 minutes removing and approving several posts, but I think there is still a lot of work needed to clear the modqueue entirely.

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Ok, we need to use tools. Here’s a guide in the 1st comment:

Let’s just blast them all

Ok, i’ve finished up the rest of this task today. Its time to begin modding this sub correctly inline with the new vision

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