Project Brief: The House of Wiggles

This is a silly fun side project to turn our mascot Wiggles into a deity and create a space for everyone, religious, spiritual, or atheist to explore the meaning of life themselves, and together. For self-exploration and based on kindness, community connection, partying, and one golden rule: ‘don’t listen to anyone who tells you they know the answers’

We are Building a Religion.


An endless stream of people ask to create religious or spiritual activities here, which doesn’t fit with our Community Values, so we decided to create a place to direct them to. This is a silly fun side project to turn our mascot Wiggles into a deity.

A space for everyone, religious, spiritual, or atheist to explore the meaning of life together based on the one golden rule ‘don’t listen to anyone who tells you they know the answers’

Mission statement

To soften religion/spirituality and create a fun place full of dance and kindness


  • To create a space for self exploration and warm, friendly discussion, where extremists, charlatans and snake-oil sales people can’t manipulate others as no-one will listen when they say they know the answers
  • To bring closer community connections by creating a space where people can worship, meditate, explore and meet to be part of an epically fun social vibe together, rather than in their own insular buildings


My own efforts to explore spirituality or religion in public settings have always met with the faint whiff …or sometimes strong stench of B.S. I asked a good friend and world renowned mindfulness expert why i kept running into this feeling every time i tried and they said to me ‘Don’t listen to anyone who tells you they know the answer’.

That really helped as in all those settings there were people desperately trying to tell me they were sure they were right. They just knew. Some believed it, but how can anyone be so sure of themselves on something we can never prove? I suspect many didn’t, especially those in leadership positions, and were faking it for social status, influence, power, money, or to sell the latest crystal supplement or suppository.

That advice was a huge help as it explained what was wrong in all of those settings. They are a perfect place for people who want to manipulate you as there’s no way to prove what they are saying is right or wrong, only how convincing they are.

This led to the idea for The Church of Wiggles. A place where people could meet and explore their own religious/spiritual journeys together. A place where people with different beliefs can have fun together and not argue about who’s right as everyone agrees that no matter how much they believe something, no-one really knows for sure.

Why Should Wiggles be a God?

Because he’s a very good boy.

Oh, and because its a wonderful symbolic reminder that The Church of Wiggles is a playful place focused primarily on fun and community, where we believe religion and spiritual beliefs, or lack of them, are a fun journey that are an important part of the human experience and they should never be taken to be taken too seriously.

Wiggles Official Title:

The Great Golden Potato


  1. Titles of apostles can be potato related also, to keep the humour and allow the ability to mock other faux religions and in-groups who use titles and cult-like behaviours to incentivise members ever inwards; like the mormons, scientologists, kkk, free-masons. Its our hope that anyone who joins The House of Wiggles will forever be prevented from falling for these traps as we’ve made them obvious to spot and too ridiculous to take seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

Dogmatic religions have been a plague across all of human history. It gives someone the ability to do horrible things to someone else who is hurting no-one because they believe their god commands it. We say there is only space for one Dog in religion… and it’s Wiggles!

G - O - D
D - O - G


The biggest issue with religion has always been the people leading them. It’s time for a decentralised religion with no leaders and more Wiggles!

Food!!! We should have a huge, fabulously decorated table where people are encouraged to bring and share food so we can eat and dance, and sing together!