Getting Started: Stats are Beautiful

Here we collect the overall picture of our community and eco-system to enable other teams to understand how to direct their energy most effectively, and to collect a footprint of the positive impact everyone here is making on humanity through their work here. Tools: Getting Started Guide - Join the Team

Where to Find Stats

Download the App

Which makes it much easier to stay up to date with what’s going on in discussions and tasks you’re working on.


When a few members arrive please create an intro for your team together. You can also change the Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

Anyone or any group who share our vision and Community Values are welcome to join us. Your mission is to grow our community and turn it into a hub that enhances all members efforts to bring more peace and well-being to the world, combining our efforts into a powerful shared message which ignites a belief in others that real societal change is possible.


Please focus your efforts onto encouraging and inspiring others into taking action to create a world with more peace and well-being in, and joining our Movement. Creating change should always look fun.


Join the Team

Joining the team means other members can reach out to you when they want feedback on their work and suggestions, or to ask if anyone can help with a Stats related task. If you want to be actively engaged in Stats on our platform, you should join this team. You will receive more notifications.

Current Team Tasks

To find, discuss and post specific tasks click the ‘Tasks’ tab of the stats tag.

These should be broken into self-contained actionable slices of 30mins to 1hr so people from around the world can contribute in bite-sized time contributions, rather than excluding those who aren’t able to commit large amount of time. They can be strung together, just move them all over and assign to yourself if you plan to tackle them in one sitting.

Please try to keep to this rule when posting tasks. If the tasks are large and can’t be self contained, then use add [Discussion] at the beginning of the title, and add tags for all the groups needed to break it up into self-contained tasks.

note: some users are seeing this tab called ‘Board’. Its a bizarre bug we’re working to solve

Primary Hashtags to monitor:

Collaborating with other Teams

You may also want to involve other teams to help solve the task by adding their tag. For example: ‘UI’, ‘Graphic-Design’, ‘Copy-Writing’, ‘UX’.

If you need support from another team then your suggestion is probably not ready to be posted as a self contained ‘task’, so consider tagging it as a discussion and adding [Discussion] to the beginning of the title.

Its also often a good idea to tag their team in the post to get more eyes on it using the @ key

Here you can

  • discuss and coordinate action on how best to build awareness of our Movement, and spread our hope filled messages around the World
  • find others to collaborate with
  • get advice and learn new skills
  • ask for feedback
  • arrange meetings (online and in person)

Our Culture

This is an open community where you can define your own role. To be most effective here we promote a culture of defining our own roles.

  • Make your own choices on how you can best take action to advance the community
  • Tell people what you are going to do.
  • Listen to their feedback and ideas to strengthen your idea
  • Find tasks others need help with by clicking the ‘tasks’ tab (this is also where to make your suggestions.


Step 1. Click ‘Tasks’
Step 2. Assign a card to yourself, or create a new task
Step 3. Move it into ‘Doing’
step 4. If the task isn’t complete by 2 weeks please move it back into the list it came on so that others can tackle it. (note. it shouldn’t go in Sprint if its going to take you longer than 2 weeks)

Please use the Calendar

  • Click the ‘Calendar’ tab and set times you want to contribute to our mission here
  • Even if you change them later it is a huge help to set your intentions. Members who do this are always the ones who stick around and become important members of our community.
  • Set a monthly, weekly or bi-weekly reminder in your calendar to repeat regularly
  • Check out when others will be online and arrange collaborations and video meetings with them


This community is a great place for learning a new skill. [Search for](Tag Intersections (The Platform's Navigation Structure)] or add the #learning tag combined with the # tag for your skill to find or post:

  • Great learning resources
  • Others to learn with
  • Experienced developers who want to support, mentor and offer guidance to those earlier on the same path
  • Free or discounted courses to get qualifications
  • Tasks posted suitable for beginners, and with experienced devs to check and give feedback

1st one there in this team? Post in forums and bring others over. There’ll be no shortage of people who want to learn while building positive projects which create a kinder, happier world.

Other Rewards

Its definitely best to join in because you want to see the changes it can bring to the world, and be part of a fun, positive and pro-active community, but we do also try to add some juicy extra benefits to reward members too.

  • Check out the job seeking sub-reddits we run. Anyone who’s looking for paid work right now in a stickied post at the top to help them find work by showing employers all the great work they are doing here.
  • If you’ve not seen it yet have a look at the economy we’re building with WGLE Token
  • Join other community members on your own Personal Happiness Journey

Everyone who completes any tasks will be rewarded with Public Happiness Tokens at launch. We don’t guarantee they’ll ever be worth anything, tbh they are an experimental tool to add more fuel to drive the vision. I’m increasingly confident though.

Keep it Groovy

Our efforts to create change are very serious, but our delivery is always positive, fun and cool.

‘If its not fun it’s not sustainable’ - Gary Lachance, The Decentralised Dance Party