Find a way to collect all tasks moved into the 'done' list and present them to users showing which Category they were in

Everyone enjoys seeing their progress and their teams velocity. We have an easy way to collect that we just need to present it to users in a nice visual way.

You may find a suitable plugin on

If not you can collaborate with the @RubyonRails and @UI-Design teams to build a beautiful Stats update to keep people engaged and motivated.

Theme Components are best if possible as admins don’t need to use command line to turn them on and off, and Discourse is transitioning towards them.

Please prioritise ‘tags’ ahead of ‘categories’ as they are more important in our site moving forwards - i.e the ‘social media’ tag rather than the ‘social media’ category.

Perhaps a simple overview everyone can see when they login, and then a monthly email update would be a good combination.