[Basic automated token distribution bot created]

Estimated Time: 50 hours

The most basic operational form of our token distribution bot is a discourse theme component which searches for posts tagged ‘done’ every two weeks, and then sends a message containing a link to the community member assigned that task to claim their tokens.

The bot will also create the token claiming links

If the task has no-one assigned it auto-messages beneath requesting they assign the task to themselves in order to receive their tokens.

After the token claiming message has been sent the bot then deletes the ‘done’ tag and adds a ‘legacy’ tag.

Also the Stats team will be very interested in this task so please communicate with them as they want to be able to gather stats of all completed tasks to help keep the community engaged and motivated.

Highest security is not essential in this version of the bot. It should not send the messages containing links to claim tokens unless one of the approved admins clicks to confirm that the ‘done’ list has been checked for suspicious activity. One security protocol which would be good is that the bot should check the tokens being released are of an identical amount related to one of the 5 user reputation levels.

The account the tokens are sent from will not be the main vault and will only contain enough for that period, which means any hack would not be catastrophic and the incentive fairly small given the tokens likely nominal value at this point in the road-map. Improving security will be a high priority task in later versions of the bot.