Contact all top DD posters from past month inviting them to join Andy for a video chat

We want to get the leaders of the GME push on Reddit to join us on our new channel sharing their opinions on everything thats been going on, focused around the cracks which are appearing in societies rigged financial foundations

Please contact everyone here and ask them to offer three times they would be available to join a video chat. I’ll make myself available to interview them even if its the middle of the night.

Here’s a direct link where you can find them:

Here’s the message i’ve been sending out:

Hi, I’m reaching out to you and the other top posters and commenters in r/wallstreetbets over the past few weeks to ask if you’d like to join me for a video chat about everything that’s been going on with the GME story.

After seeing floods of bots and misinformation I thought the rest of the WSB community, apes, diamond hands, smooth brains and retards alike, would really enjoy hearing a casual interview/chat on the situation from its peers and leading lights.

I’ll host a series of chats over the coming 2 or 3 weeks so just let me know what days and times you can join, if you’d like to join, and whether you’re ok with:

  • live taking questions from viewers, or collected from the sub before hand.
  • a panel chat between a few of the alpha apes and biggest diamonds in the sub
  • a one on one so you can have the mic mostly to yourself

I’m sure the audience would prefer to see you but if you’d like to remain anonymous you are welcome to use an avatar or costume… costumes are definitely welcome. Also please send me a screenshot if you are comfortable sharing your portfolio for our editors to add to the vid for GME, AMC, BB and NOK as that would be really cool for the audience. No worries if you’d rather not. I’ll be putting mine up as someone who bought most shares at $300+ and am very ok with that.

I’m grateful to be part of an occasion which many believe has exposed the corruption of the rigged wealth system more than anything else in our lifetime, and you have my gratitude for your role in a story I believe will be studied for decades or more.

That’s been a bit of a long read already and you are welcome to stop here. If you’d like to know a bit more about me and the channel/community I lead.

Although tbh arranging suitable times for panels turned out to be a pain in the ass so you’ll want to modify that message to just suggest one to one chats and we can offer panels when we have a few more interviews lined up.