New Banner

We’ve been discussing a new banner over in the Video Production department. I’ve got a clear idea what i’d like, unless anyone has any issues with it i’d like to propose the design here.

We have three heart shaped globes, each one representing a different aspect of our community. We also have 2 transitional ones from Isiah’s original designs.

  1. Future-tech with our Blockchain Token aiming to redesign the foundational issues in today’s economic system which makes us necessary
  2. A place for professionals to apply their skills to solving serious societal issues, like climate catastrophe, homelessness, etc
  3. A fun place which encourages people to take positive action to the streets where they live with pillow fights, free hugs, etc, etc

The banner will be all three heart shaped globes transitioning into each other. 1.2.3

Here’s the heart shaped globes we already have:

    (this one is not yet heart shaped so will need some modification)

  2. New Logo for The Public Happiness Movement


  4. New Logo for The Public Happiness Movement


Transitions should be fairly quick so each stage is definitive. Possibly the design should stay longest on 1,3 and 5 to represent each of the three stages of our operation. That’s open for debate.

Running underneath, or perhaps through/above is the name of our community, Public Happiness, in this awesome painted and colourful style:

or this:

@isaiahgirard after a long enforced break we’re back!!

Are you still around and do you still have the originals for you amazing art work? I think i have most of them in our drive. Where exactly i’m not sure though.

Hmm alright, so just to make sure that I’ve got it right, the banner must include all three versions of the heart shaped globe? Maybe in an array or some sort of assortment, with a background and the colorful Public Happiness text, right?

Here’s a dirty mock up

mock up of new banner

  • looking at it now i think the middle section should be a little wider as that’s the coolest one.

  • each one would transition/fade into the next

  • i’m not certain on the text positioning, or whether it should have a background or be just text on the globe. It depends a little on readability and how much it stands out.


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The new banner is almost ready to go thanks to @Hero8814. I still see some changes needed.

Task 1: Remove the visible colour of the less dominant layer so the land mass is invisible.
Task 2: Tidy up messy area
Task 3: Correctly line up the land in both images