Put the audio and video together and make a getting started and finding tasks video for this site

Here’s a quick walk through for how to find tasks on this side of our website: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1io7UtZkh_BtOHdI-aa1wdzRZZzaaz19u?usp=sharing

Please put the audio with the video and do anything else you’d like to make this video useful to new users. I wouldn’t put your hours and all your passion into it as it will become outdated fairly soon as this site is developed further.

@Roybd would you like to do this one?

Sure, I’m on it!

The quality of the recorded video is very low at 360p, sharing it and uploading on youtube or other platforms will degrade its quality even further, is there a way I can get a higher quality video file?

I must have had the settings wrong. Do you want to do a screen recording yourself which mirrors mine?

Hi @AndyatFocallocal. Are you planning to retake another version of the walkthrough with a clearer quality? :smiley:

Yes, I’ll do that tomorrow then put ads out for more people to join the team again. Kirsty is still here as a volunteer now. The other two I’ve not heard from for a while

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