Update the interface of our Focallocal website on Wordpress

The interface of our Focallocal website was last updated years ago and it needs a little touch up!

Things you can improve on our pages include:

  • background colors
  • general theme
  • font
  • layout of videos and images

Our website is still functional as of today, but making it more cohesive and fun to look at will surely attract viewers to engage with our mission :slight_smile:

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Yes, i agree its terrible. It needs a complete rebuild actually as it is incredibly slow. I would be open to the idea of rebuilding the Magazine area in React or Ruby on Rails too if anyone thinks that would be a better way forwards. The Single Sign On plugin works but adds an unnecessary layer of complexity.

I added the ux-design tag and we can tag the @UXers team here as their input will be needed to improve the design.

Note: its important that logged in users can create their own articles on our platform and submit them for review and editing… i wonder if their is a discourse plugin/theme component we can use to turn a category here into a good community Magazine