Cards to grow Wiggles instagram

Estimated time: 1hr

Please create small business cards for @publichappinesswiggles Instagram.

The cards should be 1/4 a normal business card size or less


Thank You!

Here’s my Instagram, only for kind people who have played with me.

IG: Publichappinesswiggles

When you have created a design and found somewhere to have them printed please send it to me for me to order them.

We want 500 cards

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Hi Andy! I can make a layout for a 3.5 x 2" business card and draw a small portrait of Wiggles too! Will send a draft here tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Great. I’m wanting it around 1/4 of that size though so its nice and small to give out. It could be a normal business card which i’d cut into 4. Its more convenient if the company offer the smaller sizes. I think Vistaprint offer those smaller cards.

Oh, it might be cool to add his QR code there too.

Feel welcome to pull a photo from his Insta if you like too.Probably his profile pic is good so they’ll instantly know its him