Other Team Chat Platforms - Preventing the Silo Effect

While you can’t prevent other members from creating their own bubbles/silos on other platforms it is strongly suggested to discourage it and promote this platform as our main communication hub.

Until we get video chats built in there we often use zoom and other video conferencing tools. The issue we want to discourage and avoid promoting is teams connecting on sites like discord which are also build for ongoing team chat as its very likely they will continue to communicate there and not here.

We’ve had that situation with Trello, Slack, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc and it almost always damages team communications and dynamics, with conversations being missed and someone… probably you, becoming stressed out by needing to pass on summaries of every important communication between platforms.

Users will do this to some extent naturally. Our role is to make sure this site is always the primary communications channel, so if a member of your team posts something like ‘i use discord more often, come chat with me there’ i’d remove that comment and then send them a polite message explaining the reason why we ask them not to do that - as it’s probably not going to make sense initially.

Feel welcome to point them to this post to read the reasoning for themselves, and if you have been pointed to this post for that reason please believe me when i say that teams creating their own silo’s has made my life utterly miserable in the past as i ferry updates and information from one to the next, then back again, and it gradually turns into a minor annoyance, then a huge chunk of my day, then eventually there just aren’t enough hours in the day, as teams almost never communicate effectively with each other cross-platform.