Possible change in ban rule?

Hi there! I have an idea. If we were to issue a temporary ban instead of a permanent ban when someone firsts breaks a rule, I think that would be better. It could have been a simple mistake and in my own opinion, people should be given a second chance. Just a thought :).

Yes, that is what i normally do unless its a serious issue. Did someone send you a message complaining about a permanent ban, as i did ban someone permanently last week for a post which wasn’t right for the sub but not nearly bad enough for a ban. Their post history was very suspicious though and i suspect it was a bot, or someone being paid to promote something via spamming every sub with similar/identical content.

There was also the woman who posted about her daughters rape and asked people to send gifts to make the daughter feel better… the exact same things she’d been asking for the 2 weeks before for herself over in r/randomactsofamazon, along with two different stories about her fathers cancer and brothers something else. It couldn’t have been more suspicious. It was also their 1st post so they weren’t a regular member, and their only other posts were all asking for things in randomactsofamazon, or posts a few months back in some drug use subs. I don’t want to accuse anyone of lying about something so serious. There were a lot of red flags and they weren’t using reddit for anything more than asking for things. It just seemed less hassle to be stricter than normal and ban the user as their post was against our rules.

Generally i don’t ban users for posting something incorrect unless they repeatedly post ignoring the rules.

I really just noticed most of the mod mail was about bans. That definitely makes sense for the reasoning. If someone posts something asking for something does that get a temporary ban or should I just remove it? I’ve been removing them but I can definitely do the temporary ban too. :slight_smile:

I think just remove. Its what i do. They have ignored the very clear notice on the submission box so it would be justified to ban them. I just think its a bit heavy handed unless they are repeat posters.

I think the same too. Thanks for clearing that up. Hope you are having a great day

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