Should we also temporarily shut down our subs?


There’s been a lot of subs closing down temporarily over Reddit hiring an enabler and protector of a known child abuser, and who is engaged to someone who writes child rape and abuse sexual fiction.

They’ve been given a role of responsibility where they can interact with youth and teen subs, and see all the personal messages being sent between their members. Its a serious issue.

On the one hand maybe we should join in. On the other hand our subs are mostly focused around our mission of positive and fun action, rather than negative. Perhaps there is a more fun way we could show support, like asking people to post only photos of drawing of their kids or of their friends, family’s kids.

It started on r/unitedkingdom and others such as r/aww have joined in. Here’s a write up from one of the less used subs who are also joining in:

What do you think?

Seems the situation has been resolved: