Find a POD service who can print this poster with photos of dogs uploaded


Initially we’ll ask shoppers to send us 1-6 photos of their dog and we’ll manually upload the photos into the poster. After we’ve proved there is a market we’ll look for a front end solution where users can upload their own images directly.

Here’s the text for the poster we’ll be creating. When we are ready to go then i’ll also add some extra small text for what to do if your dog does eat these items.

dogs cant eat (2).pdf (30.7 KB)

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Here’s the text we’ll add in small.


  1. Make your dog vomit it out. 1 Tbsp of hydrogen peroxide for every 10lbs the dog weighs. Caution! Not for caustic chemicals like detergent which can do double the damage on the way back up.

  2. Dog ate cooked bones? Make your pup eat bread which will absorb the splinters while filling up its stomach, making it easier to pass without internal damage

  3. Google how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre on dogs.

  4. Do a test run to your local animal hospital/emergency vet. You don’t want to be looking at maps in an emergency.

Hi Andy! Can you verify if any of these two printing shops will suit our needs? They’re both located in Porto, Portugal.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Oh and I can also create this poster! :slight_smile: I’ll send it to you together with the business cards for Wiggles so you can have them both printed from the same shop. :slight_smile:

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well done @JaiGuerrero. The shops don’t need to be in Portugal. Probably the best ones will be international with printing factories in many locations, so our delivery costs are lower to the US, EU and UK.

I just checked, the Porto shops don’t appear to offer Print On Demand, so if a user orders a poster they post it directly to them. I was looking at RedBox, who i think support that.

Hi @AndyatFocallocal should i start the layout for this poster? Just send me the details to be included and the go signal so I can work on it :slight_smile:

the text of what dogs can eat will be scattered arrange the page in interesting spots, and we’ll have pictures of their dog on the posters. we can also make one with generic cute dogs which will be easier as we don’t have to upload the photo manually to the poster print on demand service for each order (unless we find a POD service which allows users to upload their own photos into our template, then posts them the results so we don’t need to do anything)