Design member profiles which highlight their contributions to our positive ecosystem

Members should feel like this is a community they have an important role in, rather than a just a forum.

Many ul members also want to use their work here to build their professional profile by working on exciting altruistic projects, and we want to help them find paid with which is why we also operate job sub-reddits for all skills fields.

When the site is running again their account creation process will list their rough location onto our map In the local side, giving them a physical space which is theirs to decorate as they please with photos, videos, status posts, etc, and also for other members to communicate with them. This side is already built although it can be reviewed and improved

Contributions can be gathered by collecting all the ‘done’ tagged tasks they’ve assigned to themselves, and which department they were in. Also displaying the number of hearts they’ve received, and their top 5 most hearted comments of all time, and top 5 cards created

This task is specifically for their Professional profile, which will be built in this global side of this platform, which is a Discourse forum.

Your task is to look for existing Discourse plugins and themes components which best collect users contributions to teams and projects here, and displays them to potential employers. It’ll probably be called something like ‘ehanced user profile’ or similar.

You are looking for the plug-in/theme components that will require the least possible modification to become useable as the web development teams building capacity is currently low. Then you can work with the UI team to design improvements (which may take a while to change).

We will build a bot with posts all users profiles into a stickied post on each Reddit job hunting thread, if users have selected that they are open to employment offers

here’s the plugin directory:

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