Find a good way to differentiate messages from thread replies

I find that I sometimes reply to a DM on here thinking that I am replying to a topic in the forum as I have spoken to someone in both places. Others have mentioned the same.

Can you find and implement a good way to make it clear to users when they are in the messages area and/or replying to a DM, replying on a forum topic, or even when users are in the Teams pages.

Something like different colour buttons or screen elements, so users instinctively know where they are and what they are doing.

There may be existing solutions, check for plugins and themes components

some quick ideas:

  • text bubbles (like in WhatsApp for example)
  • different color background (question: do we have set fonts and brand colors, or even a brand identity guide?)
  • a prompt text in the place where you would write your message, that says ‘message Anna1’ for example
    Clear navigation, in the bottom - text bubble icon for messages. Another Icon for Teams, another for forum.

I’m sorry but no, I am not going to look for solutions in the place you linked, I don’t have experiences with plugins and themes much. But I would love to help with actual design (not so much implementing it in the final product. Just design.)

I hope you guys understand me haha, don’t know all the words in english

Would you like me to design something in adobe XD?

Here is the design from Andy . I link it here because it’s annoying to try to find it :joy: I didn’t first realize that there are three pages. Is there a more finalized version of this? And is someone already working on this, or can we make changes to the design?

and is the design for desktop?

I like those ideas for differentiating. Here’s my thoughts:

  1. Great
  2. Great
  3. Would be good in combination with others, but prob not strong enough alone
  4. I like it, although it will need to be designed to work around the Floating Footer Marvelous has just begun work on

There are possibly plugin options already available to achieve that. You can create a design apart from those and devs can decide to use them or not. I just went in to check, its just a case of going to ‘plugins’ and searching ‘messages’.

Here’s what the @RubyonRails team can choose to work with, or not:

  • Quick Messages
    solves 1, 2 and 4. 3 would be easy to add. I see more than a few comments complaining about bugs and unexpected behaviour though. Worth playing around with.
  • Chatroom Integration I set this up in the past. Its a pain to maintain and creates siloing. Really only likely to be useful if you build off of it.
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