Our Channels

Note: If a channels write up becomes long enough to justify its own Documentation section please create one, then remove the write up from here and insert the link to the new page in its place.

Our Channels


These accounts are for personalities and public figures who are part of the story of our Movement and can be grown and leveraged to spread awareness of our community, mission and individual projects. Each account has their own personality characteristics which should be reflected in posts.


  1. It could be directly related like using Andy’s account to get him featured on a vlog talking about our Mission
  2. Indirectly related like featuring Connie at a van or travel exhibition or in a magazine on shoe string travel stories to grow the accounts followers and status.
  3. Or unrelated like asking a football team if Wiggles can visit their training with his body camera live streaming and see if their star players can keep the ball away from him, to give their fans a totally new perspective to see their favourite players through and grow the followers of Wiggles

Reddit Channels

Reddit Culture
Reddit users dislike advertising and self-promotion. Posts to our subs should be directly relevant to the sub in question, or subtly guiding users to areas of our platform that are related to the topic of the sub-reddit. The purpose of what we are doing should be clear as users are very hostile to disingenuous communication which is standard in normal marketing/social media… and its not who we are.

  • r/randomactsofkindness. Here users post random acts of kindness they’ve completed or witnessed to spread the positivity further
  • r/happiness. Celebrating happiness and those creating more of it.
  • r/artbattle. Being set up as a place where non-profits and good causes (small ones, not big charities) can post something arty they want like a poster and artists wanting to practice battle with each other to create the best interpretation of it. Note: requesting revisions is not allowed.
  • r/brightertomorrow. Partnered with our Brighter Tomorrow project. Users post ideas for actions others can take to help people who are homeless nearby, and creative projects they can be build to provide support.
  • r/socialmovements. A bit messy, neglected and in need of love, but set up to help positive social movements like ours gain more exposure
  • r/behappier. A guide of resources for people wanting to learn how to live happier and more fulfilling lives
  • r/positiveaction. Currently Inactive.
  • r/publichappiness. Currently Inactive
  • r/webdevjobs. Used to help web developers in our teams find jobs via a stickied post with their profiles and a message of thanks. Also as a pull mechanism to bring more developers into our community
  • r/filmvideo_jobs. Currently inactive. Used to help video creators in our teams find jobs via a stickied post with their profiles and a message of thanks. Also as a pull mechanism to bring more video creators into our community


  1. Creating a logo of our mascot Wiggles doing something related to the sub-reddit and suggesting it/him as the mascot of the sub-reddit. Members thereshould understand that he is also our mascot and that we moderate their sub and why (r/happiness because our mission includes increase happiness around the world).
  2. Putting a link to our Public Happiness Activity suggestions in the sidebar of r/randomactsofkindness which tells users they can find ideas and other kind people nearby to carry out kind acts in public on our platform/app

Passwords and Access

At the moment @AndyatFocallocal is the main key holder, although this needs to become distributed. If you’d like access to an account to make posts. As the team grows and a few people are working on a channel with you, then you can create a group for it so the community can communicate with you using an @instagram tag for example