Linktree Account for our Social Media Websites

I created a Linktree account for Public Happiness Movement’s relevant digital platforms. We can put this link in all our social media bio to attract more followers and volunteers that can help us fulfill our mission towards a kinder world.

Here is the link:

I have yet to add a logo because I think we still need to work on a new one. Once I have a copy of the new logo and an access to our social media sites, I will put this link up to every social media bio of PHM immediately. Thank you! :blush:

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Great idea, well done Jai. How big should the logo be, would our new banner work?

I tried using our new banner but sadly it did not fit. I think we need to make a 1080x1080 logo for this. We can also use that for our icons in other social media platforms. :slight_smile:

The new logo is likely to be about 2 months off. I’ve collected 3 images of Wiggles to use, including the one you made. Also I’ve got a professional designer who’s offered to join in, so we can seed the contest and build more of a buzz to ensure we get great logos to choose from.

We need to run a few more contests in r/artbattles so there are enough entries though

Can the banner not be resized for now? It works ok in square format