London: Eye Contact for Connection Gathering

Tools: Facebook - Missions - Action Center - Resources

We’ll be joining over 270 cities around the World in increasing the community, and human connection

Let’s share a minutes eye contact with strangers in public to rebuild our sense of shared humanity in cities all over the world! Last year we involved over 100,000 people from over 156 different cities

Here you can:

  • discuss plans to make the day as awesome as possible
  • discuss and plan Missions which should be added
  • ask for feedback
  • arrange meetings (online and in person)

You’ll find suggested hunts in ‘Missions’, when a mission is complete feel welcome to share your success with the Focallocal community in the Hero Hub > Missions Complete

Become the awesome world you want to live in!
Andy :0)

we also have this wonderful countdown guide to build a buzz. we can post it each day in the event page to build a buzz.

that’s something i’ll struggle with as i have a pretty hectic schedule and am not naturally an organised person. would someone like set a daily reminder on their calendar to take on that challenge? i’ll get a notification each time so i can share it to the rest of the focallocal group and our twitter :slight_smile:b