SSO/database. integrating user accounts across Gather, Action, Discuss, News

As a user i want to feel as though i have one account when interacting with, rather than many disconnected accounts

Chat and Missions (whatsapp and trello) are probably very difficult to sync

Do you have ideas for syncing Gather, Action, Discuss and News

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there is an official Discourse plugin for Wordpress. the single login would be useful, i’m not sure about the other features though. It might create a few bugs with our current Largo Theme though:

User profiles are a task we’d like to get looked at on the day. they should be linked with, and can be linked across Gatherings Map and Brighter Tomorrows Map.

Wordpress and our forum Discourse have an SSO integration built in. which we could prob add into the html pages pretty easily. so i was wondering, rather than build user profiles in Meteor would it be easier to either pull the information in from Wordpress, or have it laid over the Meteor map?