Burn Down chart added underneath Kanban board

This task is not needed until the next stage of development.

The chart will read the number of tasks in the Sprint, Doing and Done lists and calculate velocity to allow users to create monthly goals and better visualise progress on reaching them. The team will move all chosen tasks for their next goal into the sprint list at the beginning of the month and the chart tracks progress.

there should also be a numerical value showing how likely they are to meet their monthly goal. I suggest a percentage, like:

current probably of meeting monthly goal - 142% (if ahead of schedule)

current probably of meeting monthly goal - 34% (if behind schedule)

Here’s an example of a Burn Down or Burn Up chart: Kanban agile planning with Burn-Down chart

I guess Burn Up is better as it represents building and growth better

Nice to have:
The percentage showing the likelyhood of meeting a task should be searchable so other users can search for teams who are behind and jump in to help them meet their goals. (if this nice to have isn’t implemented at the time of completing this task please create a new task for it before moving this task to “done”)