Setting the Default Category on Docuss

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I’m seeing a small bug, i think. The maps are not selecting the default category, and i can’t see where to set it.

Our documentation says the default setting should be in the plugin settings in the admin area, but its not there. Your documentation says it should be here: fl-maps/dcs-website.json at master · focallocal/fl-maps · GitHub

We haven’t defined it here. Probably because we just used the default option of ‘hidden’

Do you have any ideas where i can edit/check it?


When i hit Alt + A:

Hi Andy,

The fl-maps code that sets the category is here:

Possible issues:

  1. The fl-maps code that computes topicCategory is faulty (for example one or several categories set in lines 173 to 180 don’t exist), or
  2. comToPlugin.postSetRouteProps() has a bug.

Would you please check possible issue #1 first? (also, please tell me of any error message in the console) If everything is fine in your code I will check #2.


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Sorry @syl, i saw this in the middle of the night and forgot to reply. I checked through the linked pages and couldn’t find ‘summit’, the last one, so i commented it out. The others are all there and working well.

The issue isn’t present on the Whitepaper, or the FAQs page. Only the hidden category on the maps.

I have an idea. Perhaps the issue is that Docuss doesn’t have permission to see or use the hidden category. I’ll see if i can make it publicly accessible to see if that fixes it.

security settings are normal

the only difference i can see is that ‘hidden’ is muted.

I can’t seem to reproduce the bug. Would you please tell me how to get to this step (from your post above)? :

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Thanks for replying Syl.

  • Click near me.
  • Find anyone on the map, I suggest Vancouver.
  • Click on that person (or event) and open their page. - Then click one of the three links to engage with them and open Docus.
  • When it opens the Docuss/Discourse window says users need to set a category before posting a message. For users the category select window is hidden, so it needs to auto fill to ‘Hidden’.

Here’s a direct link to them: Public Happiness

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It seems the issue is caused by the missing category “General Discussion”. Would you please check and tell me?

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Ah, that has gone missing

@syl it’s here: General Chat - Public Happiness

Oh! You’re right. I changed the name to General Chat. Thanks for solving that, it makes sense now. I’ll add it to our documentation so it never happens again.

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