[Discussion] Students and adapting the course to their needs


The members of our university are expected to come from three main avenues:

  1. People already seeking or who have begun learning a new skill seeking a new career path.
  2. People who are homeless and have seen this course suggested as a way to improve their circumstances on our Brightertomorrowmap.com platform
  3. Professional devs looking to add a new skill to their bow while benefitting good causes.

Differences in each group which should be considered:

  1. Members are likely to be in stable conditions and looking for creating change and working alongside professionals
  2. Members are likely to have more urgency towards finding a job so the course should be geared to the quickest path to give them skills they can advertise online and begin earning with, and then round out later. (This may be sensible to direct a foundational skill to a level where it can be used to earn, to be decided through discussion).
  3. Members could easily learn on their own and will be joining us because they want to learn while coding on good causes. They will want to go right into coding on the live projects.

Different Setups to accommodate each group

  1. A full course on this platform to work through, switching their main focus from the Uni Department to the React Js group when ready to begin working on live projects
  2. We predict less stability in their environment leading to disruptions more often and having more difficulty following the course. Also more encouragement, and tokens earned is desirable to keep them engaged as many in this demographic will be struggling with low self-esteem. For this reason the 1st part of the course should be on Brightertomorrowmap.com.
  3. Members coming this route should go directly into the main React Js category and use the University to find learning materials and references. Its likely they will be able to solve simple tasks immediately and only need to @ tag the @ReactjsMentors to approve and guide their completed tasks.