Review Unique Network

Strip out what is important to their mission to gather the required information for the proposed collaboration on our hack, and add it in a comment below this task.

Review with @lylycarrillo


Overall Mission
Not readily available. Their description is ‘Unique Network is a scalable blockchain for composable NFTs with advanced economies’. A recent partnership statement included the vision statement 'Unique and Vernissage share a vision to bring best-in-class curation, infrastructure, and creativity to the NFT industry.

Targeted Communities

  1. Art
  2. Gaming
  3. Developers
  4. Collectors
    (this is the order they chose on their website and is likely to priority listed)

Climate specific Mission

UN-Habitat and IAAI GloCha


What they want users to do on their platform

Examples of recent marketing to give hints on current priorities


Overlaps with core Mission

Overlaps with Community Climate Action Platform

Their words:

“People still need to be inspired to act on climate, and that new and innovative methods for inspiring direct climate action are required”

Is exactly what our platform and token achieve. If they provide artists and NFTs to “help amplify the messages” then we will use that amplification to get people active in effective direct climate action where they live all around the world, in an ongoing, scaling and sustainable way.

  1. Possibility to provide NFTs as rewards for specific achievements in our eco-system.
  • This could be outsourced and directly from them, the benefit of this would be offering our community an outside source of financial value not reliant on our token value, so its a backup in case value is initially low. We could offer NFTs for reaching certain levels of overall achievement, and for contributing to each large scale project (like the climate hack).
  • This could be an inhouse arrangement and developers from either side could code NFTs designed for/by us into our platform. This would meet their third objective, to attract developers.

Main Event

Details here: Review wider event that we are contributing to

Potential Partners with Overlapping Interests

  • Robbie and his film studio have gone a bit over the edge on NFTs, and will likely want to have some involvement
  • Ton at PHX Rises is based in Amsterdam, may want some involvement and has access to backers
  • The unDavos Community are moving more towards being an action focused group and after Ukraine needs less support it would be a good time to see who can get behind a climate focused mission
  • Tabatha from Malta Blockchain is working on community art/graffiti and it should be possible to support and advance each others mission through the event.