[Discussion] Video meetings

@tmcnulty @cw00dw0rd @Marvelxy

Marvelous suggested 2 video meetings each month which we can all can choose to join in, or not. Each at opposite sides of the day. With someone writing minutes of actionable points that can be easily browsed for anyone who misses the meeting.

If you all agree with that lets discuss times and days that work for each of us and also the optimal structure.

We already agreed Google meets. I’ll see if i can build it into the platform. There is a Zoom plugin so it may already exist.

(numbered to make replies easier)

  1. I suggest one mid-week and one weekend meeting.

  2. New members might find this useful, although this shouldn’t replace onboarding as it would slow down how much those already up to speed got out of the meeting

  3. As the community grows i expect this will switch to category meetings and then individual department meetings, and a top trust level meeting, as there’s a limit to how many people can join a meeting before it gets too crowded for efficient communication. That’s probably between 10 - 20 regular attendees. I’d say 15 max, happy to hear your experiences and ideas though.

  4. We can add these meetings to everyone’s individual calendars by @tagging Teams in the meetings. Anyone not in a team won’t be notified though, and probably that’s what they want if they are playing on light-mode already.

  5. We should encourage a culture where everyone feels welcome to propose video calls with others here as face-time is great for the feeling of community.

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I am up for meetings when possible, having them scheduled will definitely increase my ability to attend.

I am generally available after 5 PM EST. Tuesdays and the weekend I am least likely to be available.


I’m currently having a meeting with Liliana every Friday at 5pm BST and she’d love to meet you all. Would anyone like to join that meeting this week?

For other dates, just to throw a few out and give us a point to start talking from, how about the 1st Sunday of the month and the third Weds?

Myself and @Marvelxy are currently on BST and @tmcnulty is on EST. @cw00dw0rd what time zone are you working on?

Knowing that should create a suitable time range to schedule meetings. Presumably most of you would like to avoid 9-5 work hours on the Weds meet.


I’m also on EST and I think 5 BST would be a bit late at midnight my time.

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Maybe we can do Saturday, and use a time that would be much early for @cw00dw0rd . I’m sure it would mean Afternoon or Morning for me and @AndyatFocallocal :joy:

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Looks like the best time is between 14:00 - 18:00 BST and 8:00 - 12:00 EST

How about the 1st Saturday of each month at 18:00 BST and 12:00 EST, and we count this weekend as the 1st for this month as it would be good to catch up again soon :slight_smile:

That should work for me!

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Just waiting on Tom’s reply before confirming

Small we move the meeting to next week to confirm everyone can attend?

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Sorry, i didn’t get a confirmation from Tom. Only that he’s busy this weekend. Waiting to hear back if weekends are general bad for him, or just this one.

I’m happy to jump onto a video call today with just you both @cw00dw0rd @Marvelxy if you’d like?

If yes i suggest 16:00 BST

Ok that is good for me as well

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But also not a ton of new info to report, so whatever works for everyone.

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@cw00dw0rd ignore that last message. Marvelous just replied. Lets do 16:00BST if you’re still online

20mins time on Google meets