Stats and Links

Our @UXers, @UI-Design and @StatsAreBeautiful teams are working on putting all stats and links to them from our community’s entire ecosystem onto the homepage and presenting them in a fabulously interesting way.

The @WebDev are working on a Bot to pull the live numbers from these sources. Until then they’ll be posted in this thread and updated manually each month.

Numbers on this platform are obviously low as it hasn’t launched yet.

Last updated 29/03/2022

Members 216

This Month

Developers: 116

Unique Visitors: 9,650


This data will be pulled direct from our database here in the future. The static data you see now comes from our social media where the community operated before this platform was built. These are rough estimates, if you would like to improve them please join the @StatsAreBeautiful team and say hi their category here:


  • FB Page
  • FB Group
  • FB Andy (these are mixed with events i’ve attended, might be easier to skip counting them)

Working out:

  • Average number of people at an activity: 5

  • Estimated number of people who have a happier day because of direct interaction with our activity: 220

  • Directly Impacted - joined in or felt happier because they enjoyed seeing it: (5*220)*721: 793,100

  • Butterfly Effect - estimated positive interactions created by people who are having a better day because of interaction with our activity (*200): 158,620,000

Social Media

Total Followers: 54,248

Facebook: 11,083

Reddit: 41,006

Instagram: 637

Youtube 128

Twitter: 284

LinkedIn: 1,110

Tiktok, etc Coming Soon


Token figures