Tom over on Slack

@tmcnulty sometimes doesn’t have access to our platform but is available on Slack so this channel is a two-way sync between the two so we can contact him here and he can contact everyone else.

[email protected] here’s the sync i talked about ages ago. sorry it took so long, i tried and failed to set it up a few times. Tried again today and looks promising so far. It sync’s only this channel with this one on PHM: Tom over on Slack

I may also be able to get @ tags to work which would be great as then you can reach out to people or teams who aren’t watching that thread. Let me set up the other way sync and then try to add tags :slight_smile:

[email protected] looks like it works, but i’m not totally sure if it only picks up on my posts. When you get a chance can you comment here and we’ll see if it gets posted to PHM


andyatfocallocalhmm. only working for posts made by my account. I’ll have to see if i can find a way to make it pull posts from any user.

I’ll test the tags: @AndyatFocallocal

andyatfocallocalAwesome! This gives us more channels for communications.

All accounts seem to be working, one comment was delayed but it arrived.

Tags also work so Tom if you want to reach out but only have access to Slack you can tag a specific user or tag a team, like using @webdev to start a conversation with someone over on PHM.

andyatfocallocallooks to be case sensitive so the correct version is:


andyatfocallocalOther advantages of this sync are that me and you can have our conversations here, and i can easily pull someone else into it and they can see what we’re working on rather than needing to relay all that information.

I’ve noticed that Discourse’s minimum character count applies here, so if you reply only ‘ok’ that would not be posted in the PHM side.