[Overview] Basic automated token distribution built

This task is broken up into a few pieces.

Pulling Stats

Aim: To pull specific stats and user fields from the platform into a Google Sheet in our Drive Folder

Using a second google sheet to pull the data from the 1st

Using a second google sheet to pull the data from the 1st allows us to apply functions on it to give more granular control over it.

Token minting set to use data from the second google sheet

The token minting requires that it goes into wallets. We will tell it to pull the wallets, and amount of tokens to distribute from the 2nd Google sheet creating a basic token distribution system for everyone on our platform

Ok, i’ve been working on this for a while now and here’s the best system i’ve come up with. Feedback welcome.

I’ve been working on tokenising contributions to the community as people around the world build projects for good causes together, focusing on empowering local people to create global change.
Gas fees have been holding me back, and i worry i wouldn’t be able to afford to distribute the tokens to our members each month so i’ve been looking into setting it up on a L2.

I’d be very grateful for advice/feedback before embarking on building it as if i’m heading in the wrong direction it will save a lot of time to find out now.

As the token is only planned to have a nominal value for now security is less important than getting set up and operating quickly.

Here’s the plan i’ve come up with so far:

  1. ERC20 token created via OpenZepplin wizard
  2. Deployed on Optimism following this Ankr.com guide
  3. User wallets and monthly score imported into Google sheets by giving Google Script an API Key
  4. Monthly score converted into a percentage of total using spreadsheet functions
  5. Wallet addresses pulled from Google sheet and distributed via Disperse.app. Matched to users on login.