How can we better integrate the suggested activities list and the map?

currently the suggested activities are in their own section and on the Megamenu. they feel very isolated over there and very few users actually visit them.

as a user i’d like them to be more integrated into map so i can easily read and watch videos about the suggested activities. how can we achieve that?

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Would love to sit down with you and understand more about what you mean here Andy; not sure I can get a picture for which bit you’re talking about and/or the changes you are hoping for ?

Hi guys,
Just to get some ideas flowing and to make things a bit more visual, I made a quick sketch of my interpretation of Andy’s suggestion - could be wrong.

(1) In the attachment, you will see a menu containing radio buttons to select desired activities. “Show button”, will then populate a map with selected point of interest.
(2) Click on point of interest and popup window with event details and link to view video will appear.
…please see attachment.

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  1. We already have this feature in the side bar filters, although it needs a CSS overhaul and implementation of a higher and lower level expandable category structure - as we may end up with 200 or more categories in the future. Filters should be links so they can be selected on the map, or clicked which redirects users to their page where users can read more info about them, and a guide for the day
  1. Well, that’s interesting. i meant videos should be included in the window that appears after you click ‘Show More’. It might be pretty easy and cool to also have a link in an expanding box (lightbox?) to each activities intro video where @jon suggested too.

Any thoughts?