Posting yourself onto the Public Happiness Map (the Local side)


Posting yourself onto the Public Happiness Map allows other users nearby to contact you and invite you to create a Public Happiness activity together, or come to one they are running… or just to have a chat with other positive people who want to be pro-active in creating a friendlier, happier world.

It also gives you a space to share links to your photos, videos and articles you’ve written.


  1. Click ‘Local’ in the top menu, or type your location into the Local bar on the homepage (currently not working)

  2. Click ‘Gather’ at the top right of the map


  1. Click the ‘Put Myself onto the Map’ toggle


  1. Fill out the form. We suggest mentioning what your passions are and why you want others to contact you. Like ‘I love hugs, please contact me if you want to go do Free Hugs together’

  2. Put how long you want to appear on the map for. This helps keeping the map full of people who are active rather than filling up with inactive profiles.


  1. Put your preferred times and days to meet to make it easier for others to suggest an activity with you.

  2. After clicking ‘done’ you’ll land on a white screen and need to navigate back to the map manually. Sorry for the inconvenience this is a bug we are working on asap.