I've Got a Message for You!

Societal Issues Targeted:

  1. Promoting the health benefits of regular positive thinking
  2. Getting people to give their time to make other people happier (and themselves too)


As you rush around your day, imagine someone you’ve never seen before stops you, inviting you to take a beautiful uplifting message from a jar reminding you to fly, dance, sing, think positive, and be kind to others today.

Why did they do that? Are they really giving their time simply to try and lift the day of others around them? That’s pretty cool, maybe the media was wrong, the world isn’t full of anger and darkness, you look around and realise you are surrounded by kind, caring people who want you to be happy.

That’s the plan with ‘I’ve Got A Message for You’

As simple as that you can give a little of your time to show others around you that they are surrounded by kindness, thus making the world around you a little happier.

Positive thoughts and positive thinking make a huge difference to our lives. Head over to the local side of PHM to post this activity and find others to join you spreading little kind and inspiring messages where you live.

How To

  1. It’s nice to meet up for an hour before and socialize over coffee while writing inspiring thoughts on little pieces of paper and filling up a ‘lucky dip’ style jar with them (so the messages can ‘find the person they were meant for’).

  2. Take your Positive Thinking Jar to the streets

  3. Invite passers-by to reach in and let today’s positive thought find them by saying ‘Hi, i’ve got a message for you’

  4. Share your experience with others in our Community News section by writing an article about your experiences, or posting links to photos and videos so your activity inspires more people to get out and spread positivity where they live.

  5. This activity is also a fabulous way to make new friends when you’re travelling


  • Don’t let people give you money. It happens way more than it should.

  • This works great with a friendly dog. Our Mascot Wiggles carries a jar around on his back sometimes and he loves taking it to people on the streets to see their reaction.

  • Check out some example messages here

  • If you’re in another country try and write them in the countries native language, or you can have two pots for different languages and partner up in pairs so people can choose which language they receive.

Studies Supporting the Positive Impact of this Activity

“Sometimes, we just need a positive, uplifting or kind message from a friendly face to turn our day around.”