How to Spot Misinformation by the Union of Concerned Scientists

Being able to identify misinformation is important to anyone wanting to create positive change in the world. We need to have an accurate view of our world in order to know what changes will bring more well-being, as well as which actions will be effective in creating change.

This is why number 3 of our Community Values is that our community is:

  1. Evidence Based

Every activity and action is based on peer reviewed scientific studies. Action must be anchored to humanity’s best current understanding of reality to ensure that energies are focused on making legitimate change in the world as effectively as possible. These solid foundations keep us grounded and effective in achieving our shared mission.

As a side benefit this teaches people to critically examine today’s disinformation flooded world, enabling us to be efficient in life, and in supporting our local community

These link a the hub page for a few different resources that I think are really well-written. Short and sweet and specific.

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