Chat: How's everyone getting on?

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Sorry I’ve been quiet the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately my beloved van and home for 10 years was towed away by the Portuguese police.

I hadn’t been able to import it as Covid caused a silly legal issue that the import offices were closed, and by the time they opened again my van had been in Portugal for too long and couldn’t be imported anymore, so I was trying everything I could think of legally to get around that unfair situation.

On Monday last week they towed it away and I’ve spent every moment since then contacting lawyers, Embassy’s, government agencies, etc but with no success at all.

Unfortunately yesterday they crushed it, and I’m devastated :neutral_face:

Anyway, I’m back working on our project again. How have you guys got on with the tasks you were working on?

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That’s sad to hear. Hopefully you feel better again and soon. It’s sad that they had to desteoy it. Why destroy something that is in good shape? It’s a crazy world we live in.

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Utter insanity. I’m still speaking with a few lawyers but it doesn’t look likely that anything can be done. The law is just not very good, but it is the law :confused:

Holy shit I’m so sorry to hear that. It really sucks how bureaucracy can srew everyone over and nothing ever happens

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Anyone free for a meeting and update this week?