[Discussion] User feedback request

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Recently we invited about 30 early access members to visit the platform.

I’ve prepared a questionnaire/message to send to everyone who messaged about the platform so we can look at improving the initial experience and i would love your feedback/advice on it.

Hi, I’m following up after the invite to the Public Happiness platform.

We had a few people post themselves onto the map which was good although we are far away from having enough members online for everyone to find someone else nearby. No one joined in the introductions or discussions so the platform is obviously even less intuitive than I had thought – which is great to know.

If you’d be kind enough i would like to ask what you were expecting to find on publichappinessmovement.com. What it would look like and what would be going on there?

Also, what would have made your visit to the platform more engaging for you? Here’s a couple of ideas I had but feel welcome to add your own:

  1. A list of suggestions to vote on for a global coordinated Random Act of Kindness which we can all do together where we live, so members all around the world can support each other, connect around a fun event, and celebrate each others efforts.

  2. A regular community video chat we can all join in with

  3. Details of our current altruistic project build and a discussion of how to join in. The next one to launch will be our Community Connection Homelessness Support project.

  4. A video walk-through of the platform

  5. A video explaining the community, its history and where its going

  6. How to contribute to building the platform, and more details on how the users of it will be its owners.

  7. A Q+A regarding it on our Reddit sub

  8. Any suggestions you have i’d love to hear